[wingide-users] Attaching the Debugger to the Python Shell Tool

Jonathan Mozes jon at rayv.com
Mon Apr 28 09:00:24 MDT 2008

When I'm planning on debugging something, this is exactly the way I do

However, I sometimes encounter interesting errors while using my apps in
'research' mode (using a standard Python Shell). This research entails
reading a very large, memory intensive datasets, which take a
considerable amount of time to read, making a second read (in order to
init a debugging environment) unwanted.

In these cases, if I were running a different shell, I would use pdb in
order to debug the app.


P.S. - Not exactly to the point, this difficulty (as well as my previous
request of running multi-threaded apps in the Shell Tool) displays the
two different paradigms of working with Python, the more common one
treating Python as a programming language with the added bonus of an
interactive shell; The second paradigm (One which I'm a devoted follower
of) treats Python as an excellent, versatile R&D tool, capable of
handling and manipulating complex data structures in real-time.
Naturally, an IDE better-suited for the second paradigm provides tools
and helpers for running Real-Time, user-interrupt-intensive, Python

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Jonathan Mozes wrote:
> Is it possible to attach the Wing Debugger (using 'import wingdbstub')

> to a program currently running in the Python Shell Tool?

It isn't currently possible to debug something that is running in the 
Python Shell.  The usual way to get a shell while debugging is to run to

a breakpoint and use the Debug Probe with the paused program.  Could you

write scripts to set up your environment and the set a breakpoint after 
the set up is completed?



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