[wingide-users] X11 OSX and Matplotlib Figures

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Fri Apr 25 11:33:20 MDT 2008

Josh Gray wrote:
>  I am experiencing an issue with Wing IDE Professional (3.0.4-1 (rev 
> 17578)) which is running under X11 on Mac OS X (Leopard 10.5.2). The 
> problem occurs when viewing a figure created with Matplotlib (from 
> Pylab). I am creating the figure in the Python shell within WingIDE 
> using pylab.plot() or similar statements, followed by a pylab.show() 
> statement to view it. The first time I do this in WingIDE the figure 
> displays fine and I am able to use the figure window tools to 
> zoom/pan/save the figure. However, after closing the figure with 
> pylab.close(), all subsequent figures created in the same manner 
> display, but cannot be 'touched' What I mean by that is when I 
> mouse-over the figure window I just get the beachball, I can't even move 
> the window, much less zoom/pan/save the figure.
> This does not happen if I use these features from a Python interpretor 
> outside of Wing.
> Any ideas?

In the just-released Wing 3.1 beta3 the Python Shell no longer stops
all spawned threads, which it did in all previous releases of Wing
(including also the just-released 3.0.5).

You may want to try that beta release to see if it solves the problem.
If not, please let us know.  It's possible it's something else, though
I'm hopeful it's the threading issue fixed in beta3.



Stephan Deibel
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