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Fri Apr 25 11:26:38 MDT 2008


Wingware has released version 3.1 beta3 for Wing Pro, Wing Personal, and Wing 101. It
is available from:


This release includes the following changes:

   * How-To and improvements for using Wing IDE with Google App Engine
   * Scan for sys.path changes in main debug file (e.g. for Zope buildouts)
   * Preference to auto-strip trailing white space on save
   * Many vi mode improvements
   * Testing tool enhancements, including better support for test names that
     are not method names
   * Sped up stepping in the debugger
   * Set encoding for stdin/out/err in debug processes for better handling of
     non-ascii input and output
   * Fixed problems with debugging Stackless Python tasklets
   * Python Shell allows spawned threads to run, rather than stopping all threads
   * Improved support for debugging code invoked by execfile()
   * Better autocompletion support for an x defined by 'import x.y.z'
   * More bug fixes, including also all those found in Wing 3.0.5

Please see the change log for a detailed list of changes:


Version 3.1 introduces a number of new features and includes bug fixes not found
in the 3.0 series, as follows:

   * Files within .zip or .egg files can be displayed in the editor
   * Support for pkg_resources based namespace packages
   * Support for doctest and nose unit test frameworks (**)
   * Updated code analysis support for Python 2.5 constructs
   * Improved support for tasklets in Stackless Python
   * In-line argument entry of code templates/snippets (tab and back tab to traverse
     fields; arrow keys to change template indent, Esc to exit data entry mode) (**)
   * Include templates by name in autocompleter (**)
   * Simple word list driven auto-completion when working in non-Python files (*)
   * Open from Project for quick selection of files from the Project by typing a fragment (*)
   * Find Symbol for quick Goto-Definition for symbols in the current Python file by
     typing a fragment (*)
   * Show gi_running and gi_frame in Stack Data for generators
   * Sort menus and lists using more natural sorting so x2.py comes before x10.py
   * Preference to strip trailing white space on save
   * Scan for straightforward sys.path changes in main debug file
   * How-To and improvements for using Wing IDE with Google App Engine
   * Many bug fixes not in Wing 3.0.x

(*)'d items are available in Wing IDE Personal or Professional only
(**)'d items are available in Wing IDE Professional only

*Purchasing & Upgrading*

Wing IDE Professional & Wing IDE Personal are commercial software and require
a license to run. Wing 3.1 is a free upgrade for all Wing IDE 3.0 users. Any
2.x license sold after May 2nd 2006 is free to upgrade; others cost 1/2 the
normal price to upgrade.

To upgrade a 2.x license or purchase a new 3.x license:

Upgrade:  https://wingware.com/store/upgrade
Purchase: https://wingware.com/store/purchase


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