[wingide-users] X11 OSX and Matplotlib Figures

Josh Gray joshuamichaelgray at gmail.com
Fri Apr 25 07:26:09 MDT 2008

 I am experiencing an issue with Wing IDE Professional (3.0.4-1 (rev 17578))
which is running under X11 on Mac OS X (Leopard 10.5.2). The problem occurs
when viewing a figure created with Matplotlib (from Pylab). I am creating
the figure in the Python shell within WingIDE using pylab.plot() or similar
statements, followed by a pylab.show() statement to view it. The first time
I do this in WingIDE the figure displays fine and I am able to use the
figure window tools to zoom/pan/save the figure. However, after closing the
figure with pylab.close(), all subsequent figures created in the same manner
display, but cannot be 'touched' What I mean by that is when I mouse-over
the figure window I just get the beachball, I can't even move the window,
much less zoom/pan/save the figure.

This does not happen if I use these features from a Python interpretor
outside of Wing.

Any ideas?


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