[wingide-users] Test discovery

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Mon Apr 21 11:06:38 MDT 2008

Ken Kinder wrote:
> I've found that the breakdown of what specific tests are in what files is only 
> discovered upon actually running a test. Before that, the test is a question 
> mark. It would be helpful to have that tree expand BEFORE I run a test so 
> that I can choose a specific test to run.
> So for example if I have test_Whatnot.py, I want to only run 
> test_Whatnot.TestComponent.testCase, not the entire test_Whatnot file.
> Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas?

It's like this by design since some testing frameworks may add
tests dynamically.  We do want to try to improve this, however --
maybe by populating the tree initially w/ static tests where
that is possible or just by remembering more from previous runs.

I agree it's a pain to have to run a large test file just to
get at one test within it (we have this issue in Wing's own
tests too).



Stephan Deibel
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