[wingide-users] SVN setup

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Mon Apr 21 07:08:01 MDT 2008

slimmer wrote:
> I had svn working and did something to my system such that it no longer 
> works properly.
> I have both cygwin svn and TortoiseSVN on my machine, and they both seem 
> to work properly. When I try to run a SVN commit from wing it tries to 
> run the cygwin svn.exe and fails with
> svn: '/cygdrive/c/Sandbox/apps\apinc\apvideo.ini' is not under version 
> control
> I have tried to checkout the project with both cygwin and tortoise and 
> doesn't seem to help.  I commented out the svn.exe and tried to find the 
> corresponding tortoise command line but no luck here either.

Wing must be finding svn.exe in cygwin, possibly due to a change in PATH.
You can go into the SVN menu in Wing and choose Options there, then replace
svn.exe with the full path to the non-cygwin svn.exe.

Please let me know if that doesn't help.



Stephan Deibel
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