[wingide-users] Wing 3.0.4-1 crashes when typing an accented character in SVN comment field

René Pijlman reneOnLists at applinet.nl
Sat Apr 19 15:46:25 MDT 2008

I'm running Wing IDE Professional 3.0.4-1 (rev 17578) on Windows XP. I 
have installed the Subversion command-line client, version 1.4.6. Wing 
and svn are generally working fine with an SVN-enabled project using a 
Subversion repository on my Linux server.

In Wing I right-click the top level directory of my project and do SVN 
Commit. The message field appears at the bottom and I start typing my 

As soon as I type an accented character ("e with an internationalized 
keyboard setting) Wing crashes with an application error. I have to 
reverse-translate it from my Dutch Windows, but you'll get the idea:

The instruction on 0x010780c0 points to memory on 0x00000000. The read- 
or write action ("read") on the memory has failed.

This is reproducible: when I restart Wing, immediately commit and type a 
message, it crashes again when I type some accented character.

Finally, when I restart Wing and repeat the procedure with an ASCII-only 
message, it works fine and Wing/svn commits my changes.


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