[wingide-users] Here's a strangeone...SocketServer.ThreadingTCPServer

Harper, Jason jharper at qualcomm.com
Thu Apr 17 15:53:26 MDT 2008

I believe I have this one resolved.  The SocketServer.ThreadingTCPServer
object does an import of the threading module in its process_request
method.  This seems to cause a problem with threading in general
(outside of Wing).  I derived my own class from ThreadingTCPServer so I
can override the process_request method to avoid the in-line import of
the threading module.


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Thanks...I'm going to study the thread interactions as a possible

A little more info about our app...it is a GUI (wxPython) app.  I am
spinning up a thread for the TCP Server to run in (so I don't block the
GUI).  Note that TCPServer works OK, but it is ThreadingTCPServer that
I'm having trouble with.  ThreadingTCPServer spins up a thread to handle
each incoming request.

Thanks for the pointers so far.

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Harper, Jason wrote:
> Since my app is working in the Wing debugger, is it possible that Wing

> is doing some sort of TCP/socket setup that my app is inadvertently 
> making good use of?

It's possible because the debugger uses its own tcp connection to 
communicate with the IDE, but I would need to know more about your 
program to know what it could be.  It also could be a threading issue --

the debugger inevitably changes thread scheduling which can bring out or

hide threading bugs.


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