[wingide-users] fix VI mappings

Stephan Deibel sdeibel at wingware.com
Mon Apr 14 09:25:02 MDT 2008

Mark Hurley wrote:
> Hello -- new user to Wing IDE here.  I changed my keyboard personality 
> to VI in preferences.  After using it for a bit, I noticed things are 
> not quite the same.  While I realize you may not to map things exactly, 
> I wondered how I could achieve the following:
> When I am on a line which is folded.  z-o expands the current fold.  How 
> can I make z-O (capital o) expand the current fold and all descendant 
> folds only?

I've just added this to our current sources.  If you don't want to wait
for the release, you could try adding the following to keymap.vi:

'Browse-z Browse-Shift-O': 'fold-expand-all-current'

> I did some hunting and found this file: keymap.vi <http://keymap.vi>.  
> In it I found this:
> 'Browse-Ctrl-W Browse-q': 'unsplit(action="close")', 'close(close_window=1)'
> 'Browse-Ctrl-W Browse-c': 'unsplit(action="recent-or-close")' # 
> Approximation
> 'Browse-Ctrl-W Browse-o': 'unsplit'
> Where would I find the particulars of the unsplit function/macro, etc.?

Are you asking in the context of the folding command?  "unsplit" refers
to unsplitting the editor, not folding.

> Thanks, the editor is working well thus far! This is coming from a guy 
> who wouldn't give up coding in a console with screen/vim/ipython.  
> Although those three are a great combo still for remote servers! :)

That's good to hear.  Thanks for the feedback re: the vi mode!

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