[wingide-users] First contacts with WingIde And completionTroubles

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Thu Apr 10 10:39:12 MDT 2008

Thank you for your detailed feedback -- it's feedback like this that 
helps us improve Wing.

I've responded to a few of the items below.

Xavier Masson wrote:
> I bought the product because I felt the pricing was right  (not cheap 
> mind you) but I really hate the per os pricing policy.

Wing's pricing is per-OS because there is a significant amount of work 
to support each of the OS's well (and before someone asks, we know we 
can do better on OS X).  Windows is significantly different than Linux 
and it takes time to work through the differences.  For people switching 
OS's permanently, we will switch a license from one OS to another.

Regarding activation, we try to make it so any customer can activate as 
many times as he or she needs.  More activations can be obtained through 
http://wingware.com/license and we respond quickly to any request for 
more activations sent to sales at support.com

> * Why is the first item on the context menu for tabs "Move to new 
> windows" and not "Close". "Close" seems  to be used much more often than 
> move (that I never cliqued more than once to test, and since it is a 
> "move" it "mess" the organization of the project tabs the windows is 
> 'extracted' from.
> Is is a way of working for some people ? Could be useful to add more 
> option like (Close all other tabs, Open source in new windows, if that 
> menu is needed besides the close option (and that could be a button on 
> the tab like in firefox))

I agree that these context menus may be improved, though I've wondered 
if close should be at the bottom to match how firefox's tabs and other 
context menus work.

> * In the project property the syntax of the python path is not clear at 
> first (it is in fact the syntax of the underlying OS right ?) and I 
> wondered why I could not just ADD paths to the python path rather than 
> either use the default or re write it entirely.
> It is not minor because it means I have to keep in sync the base 
> pythonpath and my overrides rather than just add project specific 
> settings. Duplication spells doom to me.

This is a source of confusion and we need to improve it.  Currently the 
python path setting does exactly the same thing as setting the 
PYTHONPATH environment variable before running python.  This is why the 
syntax is the same as the underlying OS's syntax.  Default directories, 
such as the standard library directory, are included even if not 
specified in PYTHONPATH.  This is how the environment variable works and 
Wing needs to do a better job explaining it.

The complete list of directories in sys.path can be seen in the analysis 
stats dialog as the effective python path.

> * I would love an option to say "and every path under this one" in that 
> same pythonpath project property box. Something Like 
> -r"Sources\zope\QeF\trunk\src" (recurse under ....). That will again 
> save me from manually syncing my source tree or "code reference tree" 
> and from remembering to do it or to check it is in sync. It is also, I 
> think linked to my completion troubles I will explain later on.

I'm not as familiar with buildout as I should be, but I wonder if this 
is really what you want to do.  Most nested directories of python files 
are organized into packages and package directories are usually _not_ in 
the python path.

> I use the "buildout" method to set up Plone in a repeatable way. 
> Buildout is the recommended method to set up Zope and Plone and more and 
> more python application are using it. 
> (http://plone.org/documentation/tutorial/buildout)

Rather than going through why this may not work, can you tell us what 
version of plone, buildout, and any supporting packages you are using so 
we can try and replicate it here?  You can send the details directly to 
us at support at wingware.com

> * Refactoring ? any plan to integrate something like the Rope Library 
> (http://rope.sourceforge.net/) ?

Refactoring is definitely something we want to integrate.

> * Bazaar integration

I am looking at bazaar and how to integrate it.



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