[wingide-users] WingIDE 3.1 beta OS X odd window behavior

John Goodleaf john at goodleaf.net
Tue Apr 8 09:55:54 MDT 2008

Has anyone else seen this?

I have OS X 10.5 leopard with 'spaces' (multiple desktops) enabled. I have
WingIDE 3.1 beta running in one space with a web browser running in
another space. Periodically, focus switches to WingIDE in its space. It's
really annoying, but I have no idea whether it's wing or X11 or Leopard or
some bizarre combination of those things.

It appears to happen regardless of which browser I'm using (i.e. firefox
or safari) and regardless of whether the debugger is active. (I've been
debugging Django).

As I said, I'm not sure this is a Wing-specific problem, although I
haven't observed it with other apps, but I wonder if anyone else has seen
it, and if so, if you've figured out how to stop it.


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