[wingide-users] loading a particular file at a particular line from the commandline (FEATURE REQUEST)

Anthon van der Neut anthon at mnt.org
Thu Apr 3 01:48:38 MDT 2008

Hi Stephan and John,

It was good meeting you again at Pycon this year. I knew I had a 
question for you guys, but whether is was my yet-lag, the info-overload 
at the conference or my focus on snatching my share of the planes, other 
goodies and T-shirts: I forgot.

So here it is. Is there a way to load a particular file at a particular 
linenumber? I am used to this in vi by using
   vi +100 app.py
I have not found this in the manual. And I am not sure I trigger wingide 
to execute a script automatically after it is changed.

I would use this in the context that I have a stacktrace (from cgitb) 
with urls containing filenames and linenumbers. I can modify that to 
either write out a file, start a command or do an XMLRPC call if 
necessary. But it would be nice not to just load the file in wing, but 
also go a specified linenumber.

The vi syntax would do, or
   wing --gotoline 100 app.py
(only the first file on the commandline should IMHO be affected)
or something like:
   wing app.py:100
   wing app.py{200}

Alternatively if there is a way to execute a script on change, I would 
probably be able to manage making a script.

Of course I also might be overlooking something obvious that is already 
there to do this.


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