[wingide-users] syntax error highlighting while typing

Luc Bourhis luc_j_bourhis at mac.com
Fri Sep 21 10:27:27 MDT 2007

On 21 Sep 2007, at 16:33, Wingware Support wrote:

> Luc Bourhis wrote:
>> While typing any Python construct, e.g.
>> if a == 0:
>> b = 1
>> if I stop typing to think for a couple of seconds, then Wing  
>> highlights the syntax error: the code is always incorrect of  
>> course since it is incomplete. Basically, only after I typed the  
>> "1" I am spared the syntax error underlining.
>> I find that wiggly red underlining quite annoying while I am  
>> typing for it does not tell me anything I don't know.
>> Would it be possible to highlight the syntax errors in a less  
>> intrusive manner? Or even to let the user disable that feature  
>> altogether? Unless I miss something, it is always on, isn't it?
> You're correct that the feature can't be turned off right now.  We
> could add a preference, of course.

> One idea is to never show an error until the caret leaves that logical
> line.

This is a good idea indeed.

> There's a fairly long delay before we show it when the caret
> is still in the line, but it sounds like it's not long enough.

Which makes me think that actually the preferences to expose to the  
user could be akin to the auto-completion:
- a tick box to enable it
- a field to specify the delay

You are right that the delay is fairly long but I often think longer  
than that ;-)


P.S.: sorry for firing the previous email of mine too quickly (to  
support at wingware.com)

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