[wingide-users] Line Number display glitch in beta 3

pmartin at snakecard.com pmartin at snakecard.com
Thu Sep 20 14:47:40 MDT 2007

... and soon they'll add also syntax error markers in the side bar .. they
promised ;-)


On Thu Sep 20 11:51 , "Joshua J. Kugler"  sent:

>On Wednesday 12 September 2007 14:39, Wingware Support wrote:
>> Joshua J. Kugler wrote:
>> > I just installed Beta three, and ran across the glitch in the line number
>> > display as seen in the attached file.
>> Yes, it's a bug that I'm about to look at.  It's not theme or system /
>> non-system gtk dependent.  We intend on fixing it in the next release.
>> Thanks for the bug report,
>You're welcome.
>Is this bug fixed yet?  If so, could you release a Beta3.1 version? :)  I've 
>been using the 3.0 betas for quite a while now, and this is the only bug I've 
>run into.  WingIDE 3.0 has been rock-solid, no crashes, no other bugs (at 
>least for me).  But, boy, I didn't realize how much I rely on those side-bar 
>numbers.  I'd really like to have them back.  I can't go back to 2.x  No! 
>Please don't make me! :)
>P.S. Yeah, I know, I have the status bar, which shows the line number, but 
>it's sooooo nice to have it along the side there.
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