[wingide-users] Where does wing leave temp files

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Tue Sep 18 09:22:31 MDT 2007

Dave Aitel wrote:
> Really? What's in these tmp files? My /tmp/ isn't necessarily
> encrypted the way my code directory is - ideally I'm not leaking
> information out into random other file systems...

I don't think any code is put in temp files.  You may want to set an 
environment variable such as 'TMPDIR', 'TEMP', or 'TMP' to a specific 
directory if you're concerned about where temporary files are written. 
Wing also does write information about your files to ~/.wingide3 so you 
may want to look at what filesystem that's on.  If you move it, just 
create a symbolic link from ~/.wingide3 to where the directory is located.



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