[wingide-users] Missing breakpoints & projects

Martijn Pieters mj at zopatista.com
Mon Sep 3 13:39:35 MDT 2007

On 3. sep. 2007, at 19.19, Tom Stambaugh wrote:
> For each use case:
> A: What should happen to the screen when I change projects (what  
> windows
> open, what windows close, etc)

All windows close, and new windows open corresponding to what was  
stored in the new project file.

> B: What should happen when I click the "Debug" button (ie, should  
> the thread
> stop at the new breakpoint)

Not unless the breakpoint was also set in projectB.

> C: What should appear when I open the "Breakpoint" tab of projectB?

The breakpoints that were stored in projectB.

>> You use projects in quite a different way from what I use, you use  
>> it  to
>> look at subsets of a larger project, and expect your breakpoints  to
>> persist in that context.
>> I use projects to define a discrete set of code that forms one
>> application (usually a particular site for a customer), where a large
>> body of code is reused between projects. I expect breakpoints to not
>> pollute my other projects.
> When you have two projects, each including the shared code, do you  
> include
> the shared code in those projects?

Some of it, yes, what I feel is relevant. I regularly add library  
code to a project at a later time if I feel I need to look at the  
code, for example.

> When you are debugging one customer's application and find a  
> problem in the
> shared code, what process do you follow to determine whether that  
> same bug
> also affects other customer applications?

Shared code is already compartmentalized into packages, with their  
own unittests. I'd either file a bug report or develop a fix on the  
spot and check it into that package's repository. If the problem has  
wider consequences, I'll share it with my colleagues so they are  
aware of this. Our maintenance customers usually get product updates  
with the fixes anyway, and we'll run their unittests as we implement  
such a fix, at a later time.

> Have you tried actually changing
> the projects on the fly? I ask because, at least on my v2.1.4-2, the
> breakpoints leak from project to project anyway. The project seems to
> attempt to remember whatever files are open, the breakpoints come  
> with those
> files, and that creates a leak when changing from project to  
> project for an
> overlapping file.

Yes, I switch projects on a regular basis, and I haven't noticed this  
happening. Are you sure this is what happens? In other words, are you  
sure the breakpoint wasn't also defined in the other project already?

Martijn Pieters

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