[wingide-users] Missing breakpoints & projects

Martijn Pieters mj at zopatista.com
Mon Sep 3 10:22:59 MDT 2007

On 3. sep. 2007, at 17.39, Tom Stambaugh wrote:
> Further, I think that this "per-project" breakpoint behavior, if  
> desired at
> all, should surely be optional and should surely NOT be the default. A
> "breakpoint" is all about a particular method in a particular *file*.
> Fortunately, there is not one file per project. In my view, the most
> intuitive (and therefore useful) decision is to have one breakpoint
> definition per file. When I click in the margin to set a  
> breakpoint, I'm
> surely don't want to think about what project contains it, do I?

Sorry, I don't agree. I re-use various python libraries and  
frameworks (and Zope in particular), which I share between projects.  
I wouldn't want breakpoints in library files to show up in other  
projects, where I don't have to deal with that part of the code at all.

> This is particularly true given the ease with which one can open  
> and close
> various project files while debugging. Does the "Breakpoints" tab  
> of the
> "Wing Tool Box" show what is actually happening, or does it show the
> definitions in whatever project is open? When I have a file open,  
> does it
> change the definition list in the project that created it, or does it
> instead change the currently-open project?

I am not entirely sure what you are saying here. The breakpoints tab  
shows project-wide breakpoints, so the list should change when you  
change projects, regardless of whether a file is shared between  
different projects.

> It seems to me that per-project breakpoint definitions create a  
> host of
> user-interface and useability problems, with little corresponding
> productivity gain.

Different use cases have different needs.

You use projects in quite a different way from what I use, you use it  
to look at subsets of a larger project, and expect your breakpoints  
to persist in that context.

I use projects to define a discrete set of code that forms one  
application (usually a particular site for a customer), where a large  
body of code is reused between projects. I expect breakpoints to not  
pollute my other projects.

Martijn Pieters

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