[wingide-users] problem with reportlab and wing3.0b2

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Sun Sep 2 12:18:15 MDT 2007

Mike Bernson wrote:
> Why does debugger not let the try, except catch this exception.
> try:
>     _isFSD = not __loader__  # problem statement
>     ... more code
> except:
>     stuff

This is probably due to NameError (or UnboundLocalError) being in the 
list of exceptions to always stop at, which is defined in the debugger 
exceptions preference page.

It is in the always stop list by default since a NameError is usually a 
result of a misspelled variable name.  The debugger should ignore it if 
the except statement explicitly lists NameError as a type to catch, but 
stop if the except statement does not list it explicitly.



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