[wingide-users] Analysis time at startup

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Tue Oct 30 08:13:56 MDT 2007

Jeffrey Harris wrote:
> Thanks so much for Wing!  The ability to debug threads is a great addition.
> Unfortunately, I've been finding that every time I open Wing with my
> normal project, my CPU gets pegged for 2-3 minutes, which is kind of a
> pain.  I'm guessing this may be related to the periodic status messages
> I see like:
> Unable to create analysis cache directory
> c:\Documents and Settings\Jeffre\Local Settings\Application Date\Wing
> IDE 3\cache\analysis\C\Documents and Settings\Jeffrey\Local
> Settings\Application Date\Wing IDE
> 3\pi-cache\2.5\c\work\osaf\chandler\release\bin\lib\site-packages\chandlerdb\persistence

This appears to be a failure of Wing to handle long path names for some
things on Windows.  We'll look into fixing it.

Note that for projects converted from a Wing 2.x project, it's also worth
checking what got added to the project file.  Wing adds the shared parent
directory, which sometimes is too much stuff (like the entire disk!).
We've optimized some of this since 3.0.1, but it's still probably not a
good idea to add your entire disk to the project.  This may not be relevant
to your case but seemed worth mentioning anyway.


Stephan Deibel
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