[wingide-users] Analysis time at startup

Jeffrey Harris jeffrey at osafoundation.org
Mon Oct 29 18:20:04 MDT 2007

Hi Folks,

Thanks so much for Wing!  The ability to debug threads is a great addition.

Unfortunately, I've been finding that every time I open Wing with my
normal project, my CPU gets pegged for 2-3 minutes, which is kind of a
pain.  I'm guessing this may be related to the periodic status messages
I see like:

Unable to create analysis cache directory
c:\Documents and Settings\Jeffre\Local Settings\Application Date\Wing
IDE 3\cache\analysis\C\Documents and Settings\Jeffrey\Local
Settings\Application Date\Wing IDE

This is a pretty strange path, putting in the Wing data path twice,
followed by a more reasonable path.  I'm wondering if this is a
configuration issue on my side, or if there's a bug?

Jeffrey Harris

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