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Joshua J. Kugler joshua at eeinternet.com
Tue Oct 16 12:41:08 MDT 2007

On Tuesday 16 October 2007 07:27, David Yoakley wrote:
> Windows apparently has this capability in its scrollbar controls BTW. 
> While dragging a scrollbar, you can mouse away without releasing the button
> and the window will position back to where it was when you started the
> drag. You can even mouse right back into the scroll region (while still in
> the same "drag") and it will pop back to where it was when you moused away!
>  The drag region is also much wider than the actual scrollbar.
> This is one convention that I actually wish the planet would adopt.  Once
> you start using it, you sorely miss it in all applications with large
> scrolling areas.

That's funny...when I used Windows, I always got annoyed at how easily I could 
move the mouse too far away during a scroll and it would pop back to where it 
started.  When I moved to linux, and could move the mouse all over the 
screen, and still scroll as long as I held the mouse down after I clicked on 
the scroll bar, I thought it was wonderful.  Just preferences, I guess. :)


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