[wingide-users] Auto-Bookmark peeve

David Yoakley david.yoakley at caringo.com
Tue Oct 16 09:27:14 MDT 2007

I think you are on to something here.  So many times in a day, I jump or
scroll away from the area I am working on to review something else and then
have to find my way back.  For me, even more important than the jump case is
the scroll case.  Think about the simple case where the user just scrolls
even a short distance away from the current context to review something else
and then has to attentively scroll right back.  Wouldn't it be nice if the
scrollbar just remembered where it was positioned when you started the
scroll and gave you the ability to pop back there easily?

Interestingly enough, my team leader is still resisting moving to Wing
because he has gotten so accustomed to this little feature in another
Windows based editor that he is using despite the fact that Wing has loads
of other feature he really wants!

Windows apparently has this capability in its scrollbar controls BTW.  While
dragging a scrollbar, you can mouse away without releasing the button and
the window will position back to where it was when you started the drag.
You can even mouse right back into the scroll region (while still in the
same "drag") and it will pop back to where it was when you moused away!  The
drag region is also much wider than the actual scrollbar.

This is one convention that I actually wish the planet would adopt.  Once
you start using it, you sorely miss it in all applications with large
scrolling areas.

David Yoakley

On 10/16/07, Rex Turnbull <rex at dicad.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> I seem to be growing a peeve about the Previous Auto-Bookmark and Next
> Auto-Bookmark tools (maybe this is just an enhancement request).
> These tools work fine when jumping between modules, even in the next
> work session. However, I often catch myself jumping to the top of the
> module I'm working on 'Ctrl-Home' on Windows to check on the import
> statements then I hit the Previous Auto-Bookmark button and land in the
> module I was looking at previously - my strongest desire is to go back
> to where I just was in that module.
> Possibly I have missed something in the documentation??
> Proposal: set an Auto-Bookmark just before executing the 'jump to top'
> command. (but not at arrow-up, page-up, arrow-dn, page-dn)
> Thanks,
> Rex
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