[wingide-users] Auto-Bookmark peeve

Rex Turnbull rex at dicad.de
Tue Oct 16 06:24:53 MDT 2007

I seem to be growing a peeve about the Previous Auto-Bookmark and Next 
Auto-Bookmark tools (maybe this is just an enhancement request).

These tools work fine when jumping between modules, even in the next 
work session. However, I often catch myself jumping to the top of the 
module I'm working on 'Ctrl-Home' on Windows to check on the import 
statements then I hit the Previous Auto-Bookmark button and land in the 
module I was looking at previously - my strongest desire is to go back 
to where I just was in that module.

Possibly I have missed something in the documentation??

Proposal: set an Auto-Bookmark just before executing the 'jump to top' 
command. (but not at arrow-up, page-up, arrow-dn, page-dn)


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