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Wed Oct 10 12:37:29 MDT 2007

johnf wrote:
> I'm wondering how wing is able to change themes?  I'm writing a wxPython GUI 
> app that looks badly under the default SUSE 10.2 KDE setup.  I'm hoping there 
> is some simple way to provide my users a way to change themes.  Can someone 
> provide a little insight as how wind does it or how it can be done?

It's a common misconception that Wing is based on wxPython.  It's actually
based on GTK and we use that theming mechanism.

That said, wxPython is based on GTK on Linux so there may be a way to get
it to use GTK themes there.  But I don't know how.  I'd try asking on a
wxPython list since that would have more people likely to know the answer
(or at least where to look).


Stephan Deibel
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