[wingide-users] Forcing update of *.pi file

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Mon Oct 8 09:37:15 MDT 2007

Rex Turnbull wrote:
> Rex Turnbull wrote:
>> I am really impressed with the capabilities of the pyd-scraper (or 
>> wahtever you call it). I am looking for a way to convince this scraper 
>> to make a new *.pi file once the pyd is replaced with a newer version.
> Figured this out - forgot to export the new function, so the scraper 
> couldn't find it... sorry for any false alarm.
>> Are there any additional scraping helpers that can be put in the 
>> docstrings for the pyd-functions and classes?
> This question is still open. Any hints?

Wing tries to parse comments in the same form as sound in the Python
standard libraries to extract info on args from docstrings.  You can
see the algorithm used for parsing in src/wingutils/generate_pi.py
in your Wing installation, in _GetCallableSignature().  There are
many variants it tries to cover but in general it's something
like this:

socket.getservbyname(servicename[, protocolname]) --> port number

(search for '-->' in the Modules directory of the Python sources
for more such examples).


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
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