[wingide-users] Default of 'Current File' in search in files

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Fri Oct 5 08:11:12 MDT 2007

Michael Foord wrote:
=> Whenever I start Wing (on Windows) the default selection for 'Look in'
> in 'Search in Files' is 'Current File'.

Is your project not being saved for some reason?  It shouldn't revert
like this, but should remember what it was set at (along w/ many other
things in the GUI).  Sending an error report from the Help menu with
error log may show some sort of failure to save the project.

Anyway, changing the default to "Project Files" sounds reasonable.
Also, using this tool on a single file can be useful 'cause it shows
all the matches in a list.

> * Open from keyboard - which *doesn't* require you to type the full path

Yes, we know...

> * Local history - which presents you with a list of save points for the
> current file and then shows you diffs from the current state against
> these save points. Really useful even for files under source code
> control as it lets you see the changes you have made since your last (or
> previous) save(s) even if you haven't checked in yet.

We need to implement something like that as a prerequisite for some
other capabilities we've got planned -- would be useful also to get out
of hot water when using global replace, although there the "save point"
may be defined somewhat differently.


Stephan Deibel
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