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Tue Oct 2 08:44:43 MDT 2007

Rex Turnbull wrote:
> What kinds of test does Wing IDE 3.0 support? Some older tests here are 
> doctests, and these don't seem to be recognized by the testing tool.

The Testing tool currently just supports unittest derived tools.  It's
designed so we can add other types, but we started with just unittest
for 3.0.  We're taking votes for which to do next...

> Also I seem to have problems convincing menu option 'Testing' 'Run All 
> Tests' to run all the tests (or possibly indicate that they are 
> running). I could easily get the test-files listed - no worries there.

If the tests are listed, they should run eventually.  Wing doesn't run
them all at once but in batches.  It should change the status icons as they
are run, finish, new ones run, etc.

> I have a few tests that are rather tedious (run for a minute or two), 
> while they are running the test-title of the testing tool seems to be 
> stuck on the previous test.

If it really gets stuck, use Debug Test to see if that shows why.  That
runs the test in Wing's debugger so you can run to breakpoints or Pause.
If that doesn't work, please submit a bug report from Wing's Help menu
with the error log.  If it's failing to launch the test, that may
tell us why.  You shouldn't expect it to recognize anything that's
not unittest derived, however.

> Once the tests have been run most of the "running men" icons are 
> replaced by the "question mark in a square" icons, in some cases there 
> is a "green check mark" icon (here I can step through the structure a bit).

The green check mark means they passed.  Going back to a question mark is
a problem -- a failed test should show an "!" icon.  Again, the error log
with a bug report from the Help menu may tell us what's going on.

> I do appreciate the testing support. Is there a bit more documentation 
> than chapter 3.9?

Not yet.  If you know what info you would like added, please let us know.



Stephan Deibel
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