[wingide-users] Re: Evaluating a Single Function

Tim Mitchell t.mitchell at aranz.com
Mon Oct 1 13:37:02 MDT 2007

For long functions you can use code folding to fold the current 
function, select that line (which selects the entire folded code) and 
then evaluate in the shell.


Wingware Support wrote:
> Jonathan Mozes wrote:
>> I have a python module containing rather long function and class 
>> definitions. While working on this module, I tend to use the feature 
>> of selecting a number of lines (mostly a few function definitions), 
>> and evaluating them in the Python Shell Window. When the functions 
>> are long, this tends to be tedious.
> In general, I'd like a way to select current scope, in a way that
> repeating the command selects ever further outward (eg: select local
> if/else, then enclosing for loop, then enclosing nested function,
> method, class, whole file).
> Do you think having that (w/ a key binding) would get you what you want
> or do you do this often enough that you'ld want a single binding (or want
> to avoid actually selecting)?
> Thanks,

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