[wingide-users] RE: Evaluating a Single Function

Jonathan Mozes jon at rayv.com
Mon Oct 1 08:55:35 MDT 2007

What you suggest is a more general way of doing it. However, I do think
that evaluating a single function is a very common action, that should
have its own binding.

(As a good costumer, when presented with two options, I'd like to have
both... :-))


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Jonathan Mozes wrote:
> I have a python module containing rather long function and class 
> definitions. While working on this module, I tend to use the feature
> selecting a number of lines (mostly a few function definitions), and 
> evaluating them in the Python Shell Window. When the functions are
> this tends to be tedious.

In general, I'd like a way to select current scope, in a way that
repeating the command selects ever further outward (eg: select local
if/else, then enclosing for loop, then enclosing nested function,
method, class, whole file).

Do you think having that (w/ a key binding) would get you what you want
or do you do this often enough that you'ld want a single binding (or
to avoid actually selecting)?



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