[wingide-users] Search in files still broken

Tom Stambaugh tms at zeetix.com
Wed Nov 28 09:39:49 MST 2007

> Thank you.  It looks like the bug is triggered by the 'Core' directory 
> name.  I'm investigating it and we will release a patch as soon as 
> possible.  A workaround is to use the 'All Files' filter, though then more 
> files will be searched.

Aha! That worked.

>> One UI note -- I would like to see an optional *relative* path, with 
>> respect to the search-root (in the "Look In:" field), when the path is 
>> displayed for search results.
> Probably a good idea, though we'll need to think about it.

The Options->"Result File Name"->"Window Title" option comes close enough, 
it certainly has the same information. Perhaps a new option, with a 
different format string, might look a little better.

Anyway, changing to "All Files" works just fine.


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