[wingide-users] Search in files still broken

Tom Stambaugh tms at zeetix.com
Wed Nov 28 09:20:10 MST 2007

I've updated to 3.0.2, with no change in the behavior. I just now submitted 
a bug report, with log file.

When I search for "def", it appears to successfully search in at least some 
subdirectories. For example, it finds occurrences of "def" in 
base\Kernel\CLDT\Collection.py and its peers. It does not, however, find 
*any* occurrences of def in base\Kerne\Core, until I navigate there 
manually. Once there, seems to find all of them together with the files in 
the subdirectories of base\Kernel\Core.

Is there some chance that "Core" is some sort of reserved identifier that is 
special-cased as a directory name in the search path specification? I have 
not done a deterministic comparison of the paths that were searched against 
the paths that exist. It clearly searches within many subdirectories. For 
some reason, it does not search within "Core" or any of its subdirectories. 
I don't know if there are other such exceptions.

One UI note -- I would like to see an optional *relative* path, with respect 
to the search-root (in the "Look In:" field), when the path is displayed for 
search results.


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> Tom Stambaugh wrote:
>> I'm using WingIDE Professional 3.0.1-1 (rev 16734). My project is large, 
>> with multiple directories and multiple directory levels.
>> I have a class -- "It.py" in a directory named 
>> "site-packages\Mumble\Kernel\Core\". It provides a method, call it 
>> "foobar". That method has callers all over the project. When I set the 
>> "Look in:" field of the "Search in Files" tab to contain "site-packages", 
>> and search for "def foobar", I get no hits. When I set the "Look in:" 
>> field to "site-packages\Mumble\Kernel\Core\" (navigating several levels 
>> deep), I get the expected hit. Yes, the "Recursive Directory Search" item 
>> under the "Options" button is checked.
>> In a large project, with many files and many more methods, this is a 
>> serious obstacle. It is, to my knowledge, the only way to find all 
>> implementers of a given method -- a rather serious shortcoming, given 
>> python's "duck typing".
>> Surely I'm not the first python developer to stumble across this bug --  
>> what's the deal?
> BTW, in addition to submitting a bug report from Wing's Help menu w/ error
> log included, could you check whether it's just missing that string or
> missing the files entirely by searching on, say, "def" or some other 
> common
> string?  I'm trying to see at what level it's failing.
> One thought was that maybe Wing can't list items in some directory between
> site-packages and site-packages\Mumble\Kernel\Core\ because of disk
> permissions, but it seems a bit unlikely.
> Also, you may want to try upgrading to Wing 3.0.2 since we did fix some
> bugs w/ long path names and dealing with file names/locations in general.
> I'm not sure it'll help, but worth ruling out things we've fixed with
> that release.
> Thanks,
> -- 
> Stephan Deibel
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