[wingide-users] Search result file name display options

Hugh Gibson hgibson at cix.co.uk
Tue Nov 20 23:46:00 MST 2007

Is there a problem with the Prepend Relative path code? When I turn this
on I get the full path prepended in the title bar, in the title of the
Project tab and in search results. Is it due to one of the folders in our
project being a sibling to the project folder, i.e. "../common" ?

Ideally I would like the relative path displayed as it's a lot shorter
than the complete path - saving 5 directory levels!


> We seem to have designed it to use the full path name in the group 
> results
> mode, but there was incorrect (I think) code that was using the 
> wrong
> method to get the name to display.  I've fixed that in our sources.

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