[python] [wingide-users] Scrolling with ctrl+arrow does keep caret with tex

Hugh Gibson hgibson at cix.co.uk
Mon Nov 19 09:59:00 MST 2007

> > While I'm on a roll with feedback...
> >
> > A little niggle: when using ctrl+up or down arrow, the text is 
> > scrolled
> > but the caret doesn't stay on the same line of text - it stays on 
> > the
> > same display line.
> >
> > MS editors keep the caret on the same line of text (unless the 
> > line with
> > the caret has just moved off the display).
> >   
> Hmmm... I very strongly disagree. ctrl and alt cursor key 
> combinations should do something useful with the caret position so 
> that you can quickly navigate through a document using just the 
> keyboard.

It would be useful - you can choose to scroll the display (with ctrl) *or*
move the cursor (just up/down). What ctrl+up/down does at the moment is
pretty useless unless you want a way to scroll through code and see the
> Conversely, scrolling the display with the mouse wheel or grabber 
> should move the display and not the cursor position.

I don't want to move my fingers off the keyboard to grab the mouse.


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