[wingide-users] Tests in Wing IDE 3.0

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Mon Nov 19 08:32:32 MST 2007

Pete wrote:
> Lemme add another vote for py.test.  I just started using it and it's way 
> nicer than unittest derrived tests (like nose).  Mainly because it doesn't 
> reek of Java:

We currently plan to develop a plugin system so many testing systems can 
be accommodated.

> unittest (& nose):
> self.AssertEquals(x, 'pants')
> py.test:
> assert x == 'pants'

Just as an aside, the assert form works in unittest derived tests -- or 
at least I think it does and my tests seem to work even though I don't 
think I've ever used any of the assertThisOrThat methods.  I'm sure each 
testing tool has its advantages but I suspect the assert statement can 
be used with all (or almost all) of them.



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