[wingide-users] Serious problems with v2 project updated to v3

Hugh Gibson hgibson at cix.co.uk
Thu Nov 15 22:37:00 MST 2007


> OK, so what I've settled on is to implement a conversion choice
> what lets you stick with a static list of files.  This is
> completed and will be in the next release.  If it's urgent I
> could look at developing a patch but it's complicated by other
> changes throughout the affected files and I'm thinking we may
> want 3.0.2 within a week or so anyway.

It's not urgent for me as I've already done the upgrades. I hope you
explain the differences so people who are upgrading can make an informed
choice. Perhaps even make the static list the default, and offer dynamic
lists as an option.

> The idea of using revision control to form the project is still
> good, but after looking at it I also think it's a better candidate
> for 3.1 than 3.0.x.

OK, that was just a suggestion. I won't be using it as I've got static
file lists back anyway, thanks to ....
> A work-around for now to fix the 3.x project conversion is as
> follows:
> ... snip ...
> This should amount to the same thing as the "static" conversion
> option that I've implemented.  If you try it, please let me know
> if this doesn't work for you.

.... which worked a treat!
And Wing 3 even displays an error icon next to files that it can't find -
much better than Wing 2. Now I can tell it what's wrong instead of it
making assumptions for me. Great!
> I'll also look at fixing the too-hasty Clear Excludes feature.

Just a minor bug. Even better would be to show the excludes as a list so
you can allow individual files back into the project.
> Thanks for all the feedback!

Well, it's paid off - your response was excellent. Do you realise that
you're training your users to give even more feedback? ;-)


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