[wingide-users] Serious problems with v2 project updated to v3

Hugh Gibson hgibson at cix.co.uk
Thu Nov 15 10:26:00 MST 2007

> > Here's a thought: add a filter for SVN files or folders below the 
> folders
> > added to the project. That way I can add the relevant folders and 
> > only
> > include files that are added to the project via SVN.
> Good idea.
> Am I correct in interpreting you to mean that auto-updating projects
> would be fine if you can set one up to lock onto .svn/entries?

Hmmm, no actually.... I've just hit a case where we have problems.

We have three projects that I switch between regularly (or indeed run two
or three instances of Wing which is why I want the project name in the
title bar). There is a server and two different forms of client (desktop
and AJAX via webserver).

These are laid out as sibling folders with their own folders underneath.

There is a "common" folder which is included in each project which has
common files, e.g. a single file which defines all the constant IDs used
throughout the system in databases and protocols. Some of the common
files are specific for the clients, so are in common/ClientModules.
However, there are some files in the common folder which are for the
servers but not for the client. 

I've just hit the situation when doing some refactoring where I wanted to
see if the client used a particular class stored in one of these common
files. On searching for it in the client I got a hit, even though it
hadn't been explicitly included in the client project in Wing v2.

Yes, we could have a common/ServerModules folder but this wouldn't solve
the problem in real-world situations. For example, there is a logging
module which has been used in the servers but not in the desktop client
yet (different developers). We would like it to be used in the desktop
client so it's in the common folder, but it's not been included as yet
because it's a long way down the writing new code, sorting bugs and
refactoring list.

So, for the moment, that file is going to appear in the list of files for
the desktop client project in the common folder unless I exclude it.

Now, what happens when I want to include it again? The only option I have
on directory properties is "Clear Excludes". If I've excluded 20 files,
to get one back I have to get them all back and exclude the 19 I don't
want. (By the way, Clear Excludes appears to work immediately, even if I
Cancel the directory properties dialog box.) So that's not ideal either.


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