[wingide-users] embedded debugging problem

Adam Pletcher adam at volition-inc.com
Thu Nov 15 09:38:50 MST 2007

I have an MFC app using embedded Python (2.5.1).  I have Wing listening
for remote debugging, and it brings up the debugger when my script
crashes, but only the first time it happens.  If I hit Stop it goes back
to listening, but fails to catch errors/breakpoints from additional runs
of that same script, or similar ones.

If I restart my MFC app, however, it catches the first execution again.
Is there something in my app or Wing's config I need to do to get it to
catch subsequent debug events in that same app session?

I searched the help/list archives but didn't come up with anything on
this, but I'm a Wing IDE noob.
Suggestions appreciated.

Adam Pletcher
Technical Art Director

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