[wingide-users] Feature Idea: Find Imported Names

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Wed Nov 14 12:13:05 MST 2007

Ken Kinder wrote:
>> I'm currently updating some code to use a newer version of a library.  The
>> module name has changed (let's say from 'pants' to 'shirts').  However, the
>> semantics have changed slightly as well, and so a simple search-replace
>> won't suffice. I'd like to be able to find/review all of the uses of the
>> library.
> Wing does already find where a symbol is defined; it would be nice if it could 
> reverse that in general and find where a symbol that you define is being 
> used. That way if you switch from using summer.pants to winter.pants, you can 
> find all the places summer.pants is used.

Yes, a find uses or find references feature would be very useful, even 
if it were somewhat limited to the "easy" cases such as function in a 
module as opposed to cases like a method used on an object instance -- 
though the "easy" cases may not be that easy because a module can be 
passed into another function.  These are solvable, but not simple, 
problems.  I thing we'll end up with a list of uses where some of the 
items will be possible uses.

It is something that is in our plans to implement.



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