[wingide-users] Serious problems with v2 project updated to v3

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Wed Nov 14 09:31:50 MST 2007

Hugh Gibson wrote:
> OK, I've seen that I can do that. But why couldn't it have been done
> automatically on upgrade? 

I was unable to come up with an algorithm that resulted in the same
exact files being included/excluded with a auto-updating filter-based
project.  It does require a bit of "help" from the user in terms of
naming files and directories so filters can be applied.

As it turns out, you're the first one we've heard from who's wanted to
manage the project file by file.  I admit I was a bit surprised when
none of the alpha or beta testers brought this up, but we often run
into surprises when it comes to what users want and how they use the
IDE's features.

In any case, this was one of our more incessantly requested features
and I think a filter-driven project is the "right" approach for most

> I disagree. In some cases I may have a copy of a file which is a backup,
> saved locally, or a previous version or something. It's in the same
> folder as the normal project files.

OK, I guess in the cases where I do that I tend to either move the
file elsewhere or name it something.py.bak, which is excluded from
the default file sets.

> If we could return to file-by-file, retaining the v2 files, that would be
> just what the doctor ordered.

I think we can offer that before converting without too much trouble.
We've removed the Add Package feature but it sounds like you would
just add/remove individual files so that may not be missed.  I'll
take a look at this and may email you privately with questions.

> I've got it set to Append Relative Path but I find that isn't working
> properly, possibly because I've got folders in my project with ".." in
> the path. The header of the project window shows the full path unless I
> turn off all paths. The title of the app always shows the full path (for
> files in the .. folders as well as files directly under the main folder)
> unless I turn off all paths. 
 > It seems that this option doesn't cause an immediate update - I have to
 > change projects before the project window show the difference.

I'll also take a look at this again.  Thanks.


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
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