[wingide-users] Serious problems with v2 project updated to v3

Hugh Gibson hgibson at cix.co.uk
Tue Nov 13 23:18:00 MST 2007

> > There are many, many files under the project folder, but most of 
> > them
> > aren't intended to be part of the project, being created by the 
> > program
> > or packages. When I open the project these all get auto-added.
> The conversion process does sometimes include too much -- it adds a
> single directory that is the outermost parent of the directories
> in the 2.x project.  This works OK in cases where the project isn't
> including stuff all over the disk and there aren't lots of generated
> files as seems to be the case for you.  It breaks down in other
> cases, as you found.

In our case we have around 300 files that were carefully selected and
added to the project, out of 16239 files (there are a lot of bitmaps in
the AJAX library!) You've thrown those away when upgrading.
> I would recommend removing everything from the project and adding
> selected directories.  For some of them you may want to turn off
> recursive and check for changes.  In some cases, you may instead 
> want to right click on sub-directories and Remove From Project.
> Also, you may want to (or need to) set up a custom file filter 
> rather
> than including "*".  The filter is another way to get Wing to
> exclude generated files and other stuff you don't want in the
> project.

OK, I've seen that I can do that. But why couldn't it have been done
automatically on upgrade? 

> I'm pretty sure that applying filters and maybe a few manual removes
> to recursive auto-updating directories is in the longer run much
> easier to deal with than manually maintaining a project's content
> file by file.  It may also be less dangerous since relying on the
> project to include all files during, say, a global replace could
> result in missing some files.

I disagree. In some cases I may have a copy of a file which is a backup,
saved locally, or a previous version or something. It's in the same
folder as the normal project files. If I want that file to be excluded I
have to manually choose to do that. There is discipline needed with new
files anyway, as they have to be added to SVN. The same discipline can be
applied to adding to the project.
> The fact that conversion wasn't easy to implement well is of course
> not so good, and I'm sorry that this caused you this much pain.

I've calmed down a little, but still am confused why you chose to make
upgrade so difficult.
> BTW, in general I'd like to encourage people to email us before
> getting to this kind of level of frustration.  When Wing doesn't
> work right we want to hear about it, and in many cases we can
> offer suggestions or get things working quickly (or come up with
> a patch).

Fair enough.
> > I want to be able to add files carefully to the list of files in 
> > the
> > project. I don't want to have all the files added automatically. 
> > Is there
> > a setting where I can see things like in v2?
> You can still add individual files one at a time.  If the above tips
> don't help then one solution would be to offer to convert 2.x 
> projects
> but allow the user to not convert in which case it would just end up
> being file by file.  I'm not convinced that's a good idea, although
> I agree the automatic conversion we have now can be a problem.

If we could return to file-by-file, retaining the v2 files, that would be
just what the doctor ordered.
> > While I'm at it, there are a number of bugs in this area that 
> > haven't
> > been fixed. The project name plus folder is still too long and the
> > Options drop down is hidden unless you make the right hand box 
> > very wide.
> > The view as flattened tree (the option I am using because of the 
> > great
> > depth of the AJAX project we have as part of a webserver (written 
> > in
> > Python)) isn't listed correctly in the options. And the title of 
> > the
> > whole app is the current file, rather than the current project - 
> > pretty
> > useless when See old bug reports for those.
> 3.0.2 will have the project name in the window title.  The wrong 
> view
> radio button bug is still there and on our list of bugs to fix.  For
> the project name display issue:  What is your Files / Title Style
> preference set to?

I've got it set to Append Relative Path but I find that isn't working
properly, possibly because I've got folders in my project with ".." in
the path. The header of the project window shows the full path unless I
turn off all paths. The title of the app always shows the full path (for
files in the .. folders as well as files directly under the main folder)
unless I turn off all paths. 

It seems that this option doesn't cause an immediate update - I have to
change projects before the project window show the difference.

> > Oh, oh, oh.... I've just discovered that searching in Project 
> > Files now
> > searches all files under the project directory, rather than 
> > searching the
> > files that I've carefully added to the project.  Now, searching 
> > in js
> > files will take about 20 times as long because I've got source 
> > files for
> > the AJAX packages we're using under the project directory. Why 
> > did you
> > have to lose the distinction between Project Files and searching a
> > directory? If I want to search a directory (and I do, sometimes) 
> > I have
> > another search tab set up with the directories I normally search. 
> > But if
> > I want to search just my source files, not everyone elses, I 
> > can't. And
> > it seems to be searching svn folders even though I had turned 
> > that off in
> > v2.
> Something isn't right here.  It certainly shouldn't go into .svn 
> and also
> should not include stuff not shown on the Project view.  Are you 
> saying
> it brings up results in files that aren't in the project list/tree 
> or
> is this just a result of unwanted files being included right now?
> What is the Filter set to in the search in files tool?

Now that I've excluded a few of the AJAX folders from the project this
has settled down. The searching is set up correctly with the exclusion
from the search set as appropriate. I don't see any svn files flashing

You made a pretty big assumption when you changed the project format. I
did test an early version of v3 but didn't notice this. Serves me right
for being too busy on the project to spend time beta testing and giving
you feedback when it counted.

I do appreciate the quick response on most issues, and being able to
debug threads is a great improvement.


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