[wingide-users] django debugging--breakpoints ignored -- Wing 3

John Goodleaf john at goodleaf.net
Thu May 31 11:46:39 MDT 2007

I've been using Wing 3a2 to debug Django (SVN version) for the past few days.

For no reason I can immediately discern, debugging sometimes ceases to
work. My breakpoints are ignored. These are unconditional, non-temporary
breakpoints that just get glossed over. I know the code around the
breakpoints is being executed because I've cleverly put in print
statements, so it might not be my fault, as I'd initially assumed.

If I stop and restart Wing, I can usually get my debugger back into
working order, but it often ceases to work again within one or two
debugging passes.

The pattern I'm following is what you'd expect (I think). I have django's
manage.py set as the main debugging file, with the runserver --noreload
args. I start it running, open a browser (Konqueror) and log into the app.
Then I use the app until I hit a breakpoint so I can stare at the
debugger. I'm running SuSE 10.2, with python 2.5, most current Django SVN

Any ideas? Nothing in the 'Messages' window jumps out at me.

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