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Mon May 28 10:21:41 MDT 2007

Ron Provost wrote:
> Probably the most annoying features is with the 'x' key which is a 
> delete character command.  When you're at the beginning or middle of a 
> line in vi, 'x' acts like the 'Delete' key in most editors. 
> However, when the cursor is in the last position on line with one or 
> more characters ('$' will get your cursor to this position), pressing 
> 'x' causes vi to do a 'Backspace' -- not so in the vi keyboard 
> personality.  Granted that this is a very minor thing, but in developing 
> software in VI find myself doing the '$x' (delete the last character on 
> the current line) quite a bit.  With the vi keyboard personality, this 
> is not possible.  I need to do a '$hx' instead.  It's not really the one 
> additional keystroke that bothers me, it's just that I always forget it 
> (expecting '$x' to do what I want).  Which frustrates me.  Hopefully in 
> future releases the keyboard personalities will support more of the 
> basic features correctly.

I'll look at fixing this.  It's just something I missed since it isn't
obvious in the docs I was working from and I'm not a vi user.  Emulating
vi is hard because it does so many different things depending on context,
even positioning the cursor differently for the same cursor movement
depending on what command is being applied to the movement.  So please
keep feedback like this coming -- it's the best way for us to find out
about and fix such things.



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