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Ron Provost ronpro at cox.net
Sun May 27 09:43:12 MDT 2007

I've been absolutely ecstatic about the vi mode in wing.  I've been developing software on unix systems for years and when it comes to editors the best you guarantee is that every machine at least has vi.  At first I hated VI (probably everyone does when starting out).  But eventually, those of us who decide to look into things further, may learn many of the less used features of VI (wherein lies its true power) and that's when you fall in love with it.

I don't expect an ide to support all these obscure vi-isms.  however, I would like it to be abel to handle all the basics.  Unfortunately, on several of these things, the VI keyboard personality in wing is lacking.  Because of my frustration with this, I find myself always going back to preference and taking wing out of vi mode.

Probably the most annoying features is with the 'x' key which is a delete character command.  When you're at the beginning or middle of a line in vi, 'x' acts like the 'Delete' key in most editors.  
However, when the cursor is in the last position on line with one or more characters ('$' will get your cursor to this position), pressing 'x' causes vi to do a 'Backspace' -- not so in the vi keyboard personality.  Granted that this is a very minor thing, but in developing software in VI find myself doing the '$x' (delete the last character on the current line) quite a bit.  With the vi keyboard personality, this is not possible.  I need to do a '$hx' instead.  It's not really the one additional keystroke that bothers me, it's just that I always forget it (expecting '$x' to do what I want).  Which frustrates me.  Hopefully in future releases the keyboard personalities will support more of the basic features correctly.

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