[wingide-users] Option to show files in project files before subfolders

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Thu May 24 09:27:59 MDT 2007

Hugh Gibson wrote:
>> We'll look at these for the next major release.
> I've just installed 3.0.0 alpha2 (because I needed to debug in a thread - thanks!) and found that you haven't done any of these things:
> To summarise:
> 1. Show the project name in the title of the program rather than the currently open file. Helps when switching between instances.
> 2. Don't show the full path in the project tab, as it means that the "Options" drop-down is hidden unless the project tab is very wide. Just show the project name, and give the full path in a tooltip.
> 3. If you select flattened tree for the project view, then close and open the project, the "Options" drop down shows the "View as tree" option selected even though the display is in flattened tree.
> 4. In the normal tree view of the project, show sub-folders *after* the files in a folder.
> It would really help to have the following:
> 5. A way of finding the currently open file in the project display (sort of like "sync" in a help viewer). I regularly search for text, open up a file, then need to find associated files in the same folder.
> 6. Open up a file in the project just by typing its name, *without* the path. So something like "Open from keyboard" but ignoring the path. It would show all matches, with full path, so if I had /editor/CMessage.py and /display/CMessage.py I would be able to distinguish between them.

All of these are on our list.  The fairly simple name display changes and (6) being
high priority but not with specific release assigned to them yet.  I suspect the
low hanging fruit will make it into 3.0 and (6) will be post-3.0-final.  Martijn
Pieters posted a spec for (6) a while ago which I hope to shamelessly implement
at some point. Alas time is available only in finite quantities... ;-)


Stephan Deibel
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