[wingide-users] Evil interaction w/ NAV?

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Tue May 22 09:34:09 MDT 2007

Tom Stambaugh wrote:
> My Wing IDE (Wing IDE Professional, v2.1.4-2) seems to have some sort of 
> evil interaction with Norton Anti-Virus (NAV 2007), such that at random 
> intervals the Wing CPU execution runs away -- it suddenly grabs 50% of my 3+ 
> GHz cpu (according to Task Manager) and does nothing. When I "End process 
> tree" on the wing executable, it dies and explorer.exe jumps to 50%. If I 
> try to kill explorer.exe, I get a "Unable to Terminate Process, Access Is 
> Denied" complaint. When I shut down, I get two successive complaints that 
> ccApp.exe cannot be terminated.
> I've spent a several afternoons with Symantec tech support, they assert that 
> they've had no complaints about NAV (big surprize there!). I've done a full 
> system scan multiple times with no complaints, I don't think this is 
> malware. If it is, it's malware that NAV does not recognize.
> When this happens, I am always:
> 1. Running mysql
> 2. Debugging through a local port
> 3. Running a local apache listening on port 8000
> 4. Running the python executable from the local apache
> I'm running WinXP sp2 on a 3.06GHz cpu with 1GB of RAM and ample disk 
> storage. I run Python2.5 and mysql 5.0.37-community-nt via TCP/IP.
> The wing error log is unremarkable (at least to my eyes).
> Is anybody else seeing this? Is this a wing problem? Any ideas?

For the record I'm posting this to the list:

It sounds like this may have been the increasingly infamous nView desktop
manager that comes with NVidia graphics cards.  Disabling the manager seems
to fix the problem.

We've had various complaints, usually that Wing is very slow, when
this manager is running.


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
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