[wingide-users] Evil interaction w/ NAV?

Tom Stambaugh tms at zeetix.com
Mon May 21 16:51:20 MDT 2007

My Wing IDE (Wing IDE Professional, v2.1.4-2) seems to have some sort of 
evil interaction with Norton Anti-Virus (NAV 2007), such that at random 
intervals the Wing CPU execution runs away -- it suddenly grabs 50% of my 3+ 
GHz cpu (according to Task Manager) and does nothing. When I "End process 
tree" on the wing executable, it dies and explorer.exe jumps to 50%. If I 
try to kill explorer.exe, I get a "Unable to Terminate Process, Access Is 
Denied" complaint. When I shut down, I get two successive complaints that 
ccApp.exe cannot be terminated.

I've spent a several afternoons with Symantec tech support, they assert that 
they've had no complaints about NAV (big surprize there!). I've done a full 
system scan multiple times with no complaints, I don't think this is 
malware. If it is, it's malware that NAV does not recognize.

When this happens, I am always:

1. Running mysql
2. Debugging through a local port
3. Running a local apache listening on port 8000
4. Running the python executable from the local apache

I'm running WinXP sp2 on a 3.06GHz cpu with 1GB of RAM and ample disk 
storage. I run Python2.5 and mysql 5.0.37-community-nt via TCP/IP.

The wing error log is unremarkable (at least to my eyes).

Is anybody else seeing this? Is this a wing problem? Any ideas?

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