Debugging WSGI apps, WAS Re: [wingide-users] Debugging Paste/Pylons apps with ver 3.0a2

Pete pfein at
Mon May 21 09:15:49 MDT 2007

On Sunday May 20 2007 9:56 pm, Christopher Baus wrote:
> I'm trying to get the new threaded debugger to work with paste server and
> pylons.
> I wrote a little wrapper script to start the server.
> from paste.script.serve import ServeCommand
> myserver = ServeCommand("serve")
>["--reload", "development.ini"])
> But the debugger never seems to hit my breakpoints.  What do I have to do
> to debug paste applications?

Dunno about Paste/Pylons, but I've found using wsgiref[0] as a server works 
reasonably well - it's single threaded & based on standard library's 
SocketServer.  You'll probably also want to disable/minimize any 
debugging/uncaught exception handling (the option that gives you a traceback 
in your browser) when running under Wing, as they tend to interfere with each 

Paste/Pylons/wsgiref & much of the other hot new webbiness all talk a standard 
called wsgi and (should be) relatively interoperable.  See

You might also try asking on #pythonpaste & #pylons on freenode IRC[1], 
they're quite helpful.


[0] - wsgiref is included in Python 2.5, otherwise get it from


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