[wingide-users] change auto completion window position

Mike Bernson mike at mlb.org
Fri May 18 13:21:40 MDT 2007

For me the bit problem with the completion window is that is blocking 
the work. It should not cover the current line. It needs to be close
to the area so that show up but not so close that it blocks the the
area I am working on. I would like to be able to state that there is
rectangle around the cursor that the popup is not allowed to cover.

for normal work I would like the popup not to never cover the line I
editing. Better would be not to cover the block that is active as long
as it does not move the popup to far out of view. (this is very hard)

I good thing might be saying that Never cover the current 
statement/line. DO not covert n lines around the current line.
try to pick a normal offset from the cursor, If this pushes
out of bounds invert the offsets from cursor push it out of

Allow the use to pick the x and y offsets from the cursor that
the window uses. Another option is to pick a rectangle around the
cursor that the popup can not be in.

Wingware Support wrote:
> Michael Hipp wrote:
>> Wingware Support wrote:
>>> Jeremy Richardson wrote:
>>>> Is there a way to change the position in which the auto completion 
>>>> window appears?  I like the auto completion, but much of the time it 
>>>> gets in the way of what I need to see.  I would like to have this to 
>>>> the far right of the editor window.  I looked in the manual and 
>>>> help, but I could not find any info on this.
>>> Unfortunately there isn't.  It may not be that hard to add this as an 
>>> option,
>>> but it's not something we've had requested before since people 
>>> generally seem
>>> to want the popup close to where they are typing.
>> I'd give this suggestion a +1.
>> I just tolerated it since most IDEs do it this way. But finding a way 
>> to prevent the autocompletion from "blinding" me would be good.
> OK, we will try to look into it.  What would be useful is some screen
> shots showing the current popup location and some markup showing where
> you would like it to show up instead.  Note that there are at least two
> cases to consider:  popping up below and popping up above when working
> at the bottom of the editor.  Perhaps it's only the latter that's
> objectionable?

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