[wingide-users] Formatting of documentation in source assistant

Markus Meyer meyer at mesw.de
Mon May 7 08:39:42 MDT 2007

Wingware Support schrieb:
> If you right click on the source assistant you can turn off wrapping
> of lines.  The wrapping is being done by the widget, which of course
> has no idea what it's doing and doesn't support a wrap-to-indent
> mode.  We should probably just not indent docstrings to avoid this
> issue.
Thanks for the tip! Unfortunately, this will hide part of the text which
is even worse. What about providing two modes:

* Do not wrap lines: Displays docstrings as-is, but without the fixed
indent for the whole docstring (makes more room for the actual text

* Wrap lines: Ignores all indents and new lines and displays doc strings
as paragraphs of text which are separated by a blank line (i.e. the way
HTML and Latex treat text).

Additionally, there could be some form of "smart detection" of paragraph
type. E.g., paragraphs which are evidently pre-formatted (have
table-like layout like lists of parameters or paragraphs with keywords
like "@param") would not be auto-wrapped.


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