[wingide-users] Formatting of documentation in source assistant

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Mon May 7 08:31:56 MDT 2007

Markus Meyer wrote:
> I use Wing IDE 2.1.4-2 on Windows. As provided by default, I always have
> the source assistant open in a narrow window, because this is very
> useful for looking up documentation. However, the formatting of the doc
> comment in the source assistant is less than optimal. E.g., when I
> formatted a comment like this:
> Needless to say, this wastes space and looks very ugly. I'd prefer if
> Wing would understand that the whole docstring is indented and would
> therefore remove the indentation prior to displaying it in source
> assistant. Also, it would save space if Wing would just ignore the
> newlines in paragraphs and format text continuously until it finds a
> blank line. Further, it would be absolutely great, if Wing would
> understand epydoc comments (@param, @type etc.) and format them
> accordingly, but I'm dreaming now ;)

If you right click on the source assistant you can turn off wrapping
of lines.  The wrapping is being done by the widget, which of course
has no idea what it's doing and doesn't support a wrap-to-indent
mode.  We should probably just not indent docstrings to avoid this


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